Saving the Oceans

The Oceans cover approximately three-quarters of the surface of the Earth. The geologically recent spike in human population and human invention has resulted in an enormous amount of plastic pollution in the Oceans. With advancements in technology, human ingenuity, and the Earth’s natural processes, we can repair what damage we’ve done. This project was launched last year, but it’s worth persistently bringing back into the conversation. This young man is incredibly smart – and an extremely compelling speaker as well. I hope everyone who can donates to his feasibility study. We should all strive to fix this!


It’s the beginning…

Welcome to the new age. This new epoch, or era, in which we find ourselves has been called the Anthropocene – the geological age of human dominance. It’s come time for humanity to acknowledge its numbers, its influence, and its responsibility to build a better world. This blog will chronicle the myriad ways we make progress every day. Through design, development, openness, art, policy, science, agriculture, conscious living, and more, we are finding our way to a sustainable planet as a sustainable species.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned! Much more to come.