How Wolves Change Rivers And Humans Change Planets

A fantastic demonstration of ecosystem science for those unfamiliar with its complex and interdependent relationships, the below video, currently going viral, illustrates how a small number of individuals can have an enormous impact on the environment. If a small population of wolves can transform a national park in such a profound way, it follows that a large (and still growing) population of humans can have an equally profound impact on the Earth, which we surely have done. Wolves and beavers are mentioned as two examples of “ecosystem engineers.” Humans are much the same, making subtle changes in our environment over time without putting much thought into it. Our behavior lately has been more destructive than constructive, however, even when it has meant increased productivity, as we have managed to do with regard to agriculture. Now, as we begin to wake from our slumber and perform as ecosystem engineers in a more conscious, thoughtful way, with all we have learned and are learning, these are the kinds of success stories that are more and more possible, and indeed probable, as we enter this new phase of human interaction with the environment.


How Wolves Change Rivers – YouTube.


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