This beautiful woodcut map, using the Dymaxion projection developed by Buckminster Fuller in 1943, won the Dymax Redux competition held by the Buckminster Fuller Institute in 2013. The Dymaxion projection unwraps the globe to show the Earth’s continents as being nearly contiguous, and avoids the infamous distortions of size and shape of many other projections. The map shows no geographical boundaries, and is reversible, as Buckminster Fuller famously proclaimed this map: “There is no up or down in the Universe, only in or out.” The different colored woods represent percent forested land. A perfect idea for a woodcut. Anyone else want this for a wall in their office/house? Congratulations to the winners for their brilliant design! 271.jpg (5400×3600).


Brazil tribe teams up with tech company to save rainforest

Brazil tribe teams up with tech company to save rainforest. Just two of humanity’s many disparate tribes, aware of a huge problem, working on solutions! I look forward to a day when everyone is working on solutions. Where every job contributes, even in a small way, to making the world a better place.