Watch Will Ferrell and Robert Redford hilariously insult each other to save a river

A PSA regarding a very pressing issue in the western United States with a sweet dose of levity courtesy of Will Ferrell.


This is probably the first river-related PSA that’ll actually crack you up. Golden fox Robert Redford (he’s more tawny than silver) just wanted to tell you about Raise the River, a campaign to restore the Colorado River. But of course Will Ferrell had to go and interrupt with his OWN campaign, Move the Ocean. “Do we REALLY need more river? I mean, hell, we’ve got plenty of ocean. Let’s move IT.”

Watch and laugh, my friend:

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Birds of a Feather

Birds are fascinating. Sometimes I think they’ve been watching us for a long time, waiting for us to wake up, look up, and take notice.


Flock together. This proverb is very much rooted in nature. Single species of birds frequently form flocks. They do this for a variety of reasons. Ornithologists have discovered that birds flock to protect themselves from predators, take advantage of choice foods, raise their profile among females ready to mate, or aerodynamically maximize wind currents. Some species’ flocks also form amazing murmurations, undulating swarms that ebb and flow.

To further examine this wonder of nature, artist Dennis Hlynsky, a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, started filming the individual flight paths of birds to discover the broader patterns.

This Is Colossal tells us: “Hlynsky first started filming birds in 2005 using a small Flip video recorder, but now uses a Lumix GH2 to record gigabytes of bird footage from locations around Rhode Island. He then edits select clips with After Effects and other tools to create brief visual trails…

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